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Ⅰ Suitable Station— Repair station

   Tool usage principle—Low speed For Rubber buffing;High speed For Wire

Ⅱ All kinds of rough grinding head applicable scope


No. 14,16,18 polish the tread rubber

No. 23 polish tread rubber interface and curtain rubber.

No. 36 polish the patch and grind the wound.

46 fix the inner tube.

No.60,80 tire surface glue treatment and polishing.

 Process requirements:

1. Before polishing the tire patch and installing the patch pad, dry the lining around the damaged area.

2. The grinding hammer for the lining shall be rma1-2 (larger than the repair pad in inches (6mm) - in inches (9mm),And be sure to apply glue before installing the patch pad.

3. Remove all damage in the damaged area.

4. Fill material 1/8 inch (3 mm) higher than the cleaned and polished liner.

5. For fillings which are to be filled on the retreaded tyre through the tread and padding, they shall be at most higher than the surrounding surface

1/16 inch (1.5 mm)

6. The filling material in the shoulder/wall area (the area not below the tread) is up to an inch (3 mm) higher than the surrounding surface.

7. Polish the 1/2 inch (12 mm) - 3/4 inch (19 mm) area around the wall area, RMA roughness shall not exceed RMA 3.

8. Determine the appropriate drying time of the brush pulp according to the brush pulp type and the manufacturer.

9. All installed repair pads should be vulcanized within 72 hours.

10. The size and type of the repair pad must be in accordance with the damage size, damage location and carcass listed in the manufacturer's repair pad selection table Structure.

11. The temperature of the tire and repair material shall be equal to or higher than 65°F (18°C) during installation.

12. The damaged part of the tire rim exposed or damaged in the radial cord layer cannot be repaired, and the tire must be scrapped.


 All kinds of pneumatic tools applicable scope and matching grinding head

1. 400 ~ 1200RPM (RPM/min) :

For drilling holes with 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 low speed carbide steel drills.


2. 2500 ~ 3000RPM (RPM/min) t

Used for rubber round cutting knife, wire brush, alumina rubber grinding wheel.


3. 3000-4000rpm (RPM/min) m

It is used for small grinding to treat the wound and repair the surface.

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4. 20,000-22000rpm (RPM/min) :

Used for cutting steel wire.9, 10, 11, 12, 13 high speed carbonized steel cutting bit and aluminite grinding head.


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