Otr Automatic Winding Machine

Short Description:

  • Rim Sizc : 18.00x25" -27.00x/49”
  • Tire Diameter 1350-2900mm: 1350-2900mm
  • Tire width : 290-750m
  • Tire Weighl : Max 4000kg
  • Power: 120kw
  • Dimensions: Max 4000×4000x4650mm
  • Weight: Max 8000kg
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    ◐ Equipment features

    1.Rubber is extruded with transmission process and low temperature,in order to ptove plastify performance.The roller is width the shape of long and narrow,in oeder to reduce the power consumption.

    2.Rubber is applied divided stage in accordance of crown shape of the casing. The weight of applied rubber on each stage is accurately controlled, in order to ensure the applying quality.

    3.The weight of applied rubber is calculated and controlled automatically in accordance of the data of process. The stitching process prevents any air from appearing among the rubber.

    4.High grade automatic process with few labor operation.The equipment can be equipped with tread grooving device.

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