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◐ Equipment structure and working principle

Ftc-1422 truck tire winding machine consists of five parts, as shown in the figure


1 winding head  2 winding base  3 main engine  4 base  5 material storage device

1.1 winding head

1) function: the rubber strip extruded by the extruder is rolled into the shape required by the process to ensure the consistency and uniformity of the rubber strip shape. At the same time, the rubber strip attached to the tire surface is pressed to ensure its firm bond with the tire body and remove the bubbles at the joint, which is very important for the quality of winding.

2) structure: guide device, rolling device, roller, side roller, guide rail, etc


1 guide device  2 calender device  3 roller  4 side roller  5 guide rail

1.2 winding base

1) function: make the winding head move back and forth, cooperate with the main machine to do tread copying movement, and can rotate to make the winding head perpendicular to the bonding surface.

2) mechanism composition: winding base, rotating device, feed device, etc


1 winding base  2 rotating device  3 feeding device

1.3 the host

1) function: make the tires move from side to side, cooperate with the winding base to make tread copying movement, and inflate the tires.

2) mechanism composition: driving device, expansion drum, column, translation device, etc


1 driving device 2 expansion drum 3 column 4 translation device

◐ Technical parameters

2.1 main performance

· type of tires: truck tires

· applicable rim: 16"~24.5"

· minimum tire diameter: 700 mm

· maximum tire diameter: 1,400mm

· minimum tire surface width: 150mm

· maximum tire surface width: 500mm

Production capacity: 90 mm Ø extruder (wrapped around a 11.00 R20 tire about 4 minutes, tread compound quality 13 kg) 

2.2 main parameters

· wheel rotating motor power: 1.5kw

·xy mobile motor power: 0.55kw

· rotary motor power: 1.5kw

· rolling motor power: 1.1kw

· ambient temperature: 5 ~ 40℃

· compressed air:

Air quality: dry and clean

Air pressure: ≥ 0.8mpag)

2.3  size and weight

Machine floor area: 6000×3000 mm

Main engine height: 2000 mm

Machine weight: 2000kg

◐ Tread winding results show


◐ Equipment components


1.X/Y/Z axis is driven by servo motor, according to the set curve shape, glue winding.

2.Extruder: Barrel and Screw are made of 38crMoALA, surface treatment in nitrogen.Hardness of nitriding on the inner surface of the barrel: HV950 ~ 1000, depth: ≥ 0.5mm.Screw surface nitriding hardness: HV900 ~ 950, depth: ≥0.55mm.The cylinder adopts welding structure, and the cooling water in the cylinder adopts drilling circulation channel to facilitate the heat exchange between the temperature control water and the cylinder.The barrel is equipped with pin mounting holes, the quantity is 8X6, the inner barrel can withstand 1Mpa,1 hour of hydraulic test, no leakage.The screw and the main shaft of the reducer are connected by spline, and the screw can be disassembled from the front of the extruder.Rotation direction of screw: right rotation.The internal screw can withstand 1MPa,1 hour of hydraulic test, no leakage.Screw aspect ratio: 14:1.

3.Temperature control units:The four-channel temperature control system is installed on one side of the extruder, using closed circuit circulation, heat exchange water cooling, electric heating, 4-channel, temperature range of 45-100±1℃.

◐ Technical Parameters

Rim Size 16”-24.5”
Tire Diameter 900-1250mm
Tire width ≤400mm
Screw type φ120x14D
Precision of winding thickness ≤±1mm
Precision of winding width ≤±3mm
Precision of winding weight ≤±1%
The maximum swing Angle of the wound head 150°
Symmetry point thickness difference ≤1mm
Symmetry point weight difference ±1%
Power 165Kw
Dimensions 6000x2200x1850mm
Weight 8000kg

◐ Simulation system of winding machine

Rapid addition of specifications Quickly set contour parameters
Fast simulation calculation of tread winding curve
The winding weight is calculated by simulation, and the calculation accuracy is ±1.5kg
Tie 2 tires to meet the process requirements
Automatically optimize thearrangement of rubber strips Automatically optimize the arrangement of the tape to make it more fit the tread profile curve
Add the function of setting the position of the corner, and make the motion curve of the winding machine fit the surface curve of the tire body when 3D winding is done
Layered setting function Flexible layering
With layered offset Settings, it can adapt to complex tread profiles
Winding starting position selection function Flexible setting of winding starting position

◐ Winding machine simulation system interface


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