Usage of different mesh of rubber powder

5-10 mesh :can be used to produce runway, the school playground, garden path, bowling alley, sidewalks, compound rubber floor brick, anti-static floor brick, man-made lawn, amusement park, artificial turf soccer field, the kindergarten playgrounds and casino, tennis and basketball courts


10-20 mesh:Rubber floor tile, plastic runway, lawn quartz sand, cotton seed hull grain pulp, tennis court, volleyball court, golf course, plane field, basketball court and recreational amusement parks, EPDM safely mat, gym mat, all kinds of field.

30 mesh:Insulated material, waterproof material, shockproof, washer, roof and wall waterproofing materials, modified asphalt additives, reclaimed rubber, livestock MATS, fenders, multi-functional cushion, stable mat.

40 mesh:Waterproof materials, modified asphalt additives, carpet pad, rubber plate, livestock MATS, rubber water-stop belt, sluice gate water-stop belt, rubber bracket, seal strips, shock absorber, brakes bushing, drains, rubber gloves, rubber band, elastic, roof signs, brick roof liner, sanitary pump, corner rubber, wheel locator, a sand pump rubber pads, fenders, multi-functional cushion, stable mat, flame retardant materials, insulation materials, rubber window seal gaskets and other rubber products and agricultural- used rubber products.

60 mesh:Rubber sheet, waterproofing materials, reclaimed rubber, tire cushion, automobile body bottom seal, waterproof ring, miscellaneous pieces of rubber and to be instead of alternative natural rubber

80 mesh:Modified asphalt additives, reclaimed rubber, waterproofing materials, tire additives.




Post time: Aug-06-2020