RFID smart tires will usher in a new automotive revolution!

Smart tires are equipped with a computer chip, or the computer chip and the tire body connection, it can automatically monitor and adjust the driving temperature and air pressure of the tire, so that it can maintain the best operating conditions under different conditions, not only improve the safety factor, but also save money.It is estimated that after a few years, the smart tire can detect the wet outlet surface and change the tire pattern to prevent skidding.RFID smart tires will usher in a new automotive revolution!

In addition to being stronger, more comfortable and quiet, how to make tires “expressive and smart” has been the direction of tire manufacturers.With the development of tire more and more human, its connotation includes intelligent convenience, green safety.Large tire manufacturers have developed a variety of smart tire technology and products.Tyre intellectualization is not only a revolution of tyre itself, but also a revolution of tyre manufacturing technology and production equipment.Make tires smarter and humans will be safer.


The first kind of intelligence: tire inflation internal pressure monitoring.

Smart tires are tires that collect and transmit all the information about their environment, and make the right judgment and process that information.Tire inflation internal pressure monitoring.Tire underpressure is a major hidden trouble in traffic safety.

Second intelligence: process traceability records.

Process traceability record, the so-called process traceability record is required in the whole process of manufacturing – leaving – use (including maintenance, refurbishment)- scrap of the tire in each stage of formation of information, and can be at any time for reference.History traceability records will include: the identity of the tire, i.e. the tire brand, the production serial number, the DOT code, the location of the manufacturing plant, and the date of production;The tire’s household register, namely the loading information, usually includes the automobile spindle number, the rim number;The use of the tire data, that is, the tire temperature, inflation internal pressure, speed, stress, deformation and other data and the previous renovation, repair;Tyre scrap information, namely scrap reason, scrap date.To find a way to achieve traceability, the method currently in the literature is to attach RFID(radio frequency identification) CARDS to the tires.FID card is a kind of micro card sensor with computer

Function, which contains all the necessary components from information collection, information processing and information transmission.

The third kind of intelligence: automatic supplement of tire inflation internal pressure.

Auto refills tire internal pressure.Equipped with vehicle-mounted air pump can timely supplement the inner pressure of tire inflation.Once the tire leaks, the tire inflation internal pressure monitoring device will issue an alarm, according to the on-board computer to start the on-board air pump, the on-board air pump to the tire cavity filled with gas, make the tire to restore a reasonable inflation internal pressure.

The fourth kind of intelligence: tire temperature monitoring.

Tire in the process of driving due to heat and gradually increase the temperature, high temperature accelerated rubber, cord and other high polymer degradation, resulting in shortened tire life.The tire temperature monitoring system consists of two parts: a tiny sensor implanted in the tire body, which is responsible for detecting and transmitting the tire temperature data;A receiver/data reader installed in the driver’s cabin to receive and display data.

Fifth intelligence: other parameter monitoring.

For example, dynamic mechanical conditions such as tire stress and deformation are monitored to provide data to the auto driving system.

The intelligent tire will automatically sound the horn when it encounters the following conditions: tire pressure is above or below the set value;Tire temperature exceeds the set value;Someone stole a tire.This kind of tire will enable the driver to know the condition of the tire at any time, timely maintenance, to extend the service life of the tire.

Tires with “electronic id” : RFID tires.RFID tires are different from ordinary tires in the tire side is equipped with RFID card, first in the tire factory is written into the tire serial number, production date, production plant code and other information, and then in the car manufacturer’s final assembly line to write the car identification number.That would narrow the scope of the recall in the event of a quality problem.

Post time: Jun-03-2019