Can save 50% cost of new tires?


Application field and investment premise:

1- Based on the background of tire hot/cold Retreading technology, but with different processes, new smooth tire + tread is adopted to produce new tires of your own brand. With DOT or E Mark.

2- Some countries impose high anti-dumping duties on tires imported from China, usually 50% or more.

3- Smooth tyres (New tire without thea)are defined as semi-finished products by rules and are no anti-dumping duties .

Product your own brand tires with building a Retreading line.With much lower invest than new tyre line.

You can import smooth tires from China, rebuilding them locally and produce your own brand of new tires to avoid high tariffs. (For example, if the purchase price of a tire is $200, each tire will save $100 in anti-dumping duty.

We have a complete set of technical implementation plan, professional production equipment and technical service team, China and Europe have technology companies, if your country meets the above conditions, welcome to consult and cooperate.

Welcome to engage in the tire trade tire Retreading companies, tire factories, investors to inquire.


Post time: Nov-03-2020